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Her mother and father were very proud of there daughter and loved her ever so much. As well as there daughter Faireleass they had three other daughter, there names were Drenasinda, Sunya and Minudavera.

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Drenasinda, Sunya and Minudavera were all beautiful and had fair golden hair like Fairleass but there hearts were full of meanness and rivalry, they hated there sister because they thought she was favoured more by there parents than they were. When Fairleass's nineteenth birthday finally arrived her parent gave her a gold wooden easel, and her sister gave her a canvas, a paint brush and a small box of lovely paints. Fairleass did not know that the gifts from her sisters were bewitched, the three sister had gone to the extra trouble to find these artifacts so that when ever there sister painted a picture it would create an image to horrid and garstly so speak of.

They wanted to scare Fairleass and ruin everything nice that was inside of her. Fairleass thanked her family greatly and set up her painting things in her room, she fingered her new paint brush lightly as she started to paint. When the magical brush was first held by Fairleass it saw all of the good things inside of her, it's darkness was bent and the brush created the most beautiful image Fairleass had ever seen before. When she looked at her masterpiece she cried with joy, she moved her hand to finger her painting when all of a sudden she tripped and fell face first into the canvas.

At first Fairleass was affraid that she had ruined the picture but when she opened her eyes she saw she was in a lovely vally, pink and gold flowers blossemed all around her and the huge willow trees shone were the sun landed on it's morning due. She knew that this must be the way home but she didn't leave straight away, she remembered that somewere in her picture she had painted a white glowing castle.

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She searched for it and finally found it onto of the tallest hill. When she knoked onto the door she was greeted kindley and was even given new clothes to walk about in, she gentely stroked the most softest material she had ever felt. The dress she wore was a light pink and was embroided with white flowers and blue humming birds.

Soon she was lead into a huge room were there was a glorious party, men and wemon danced around her and twirled throughout the ballroom so gracefully.

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She cried at what she saw for it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. Fairleass was having such an amazing time that soon she forgot about her family, "I have to go now your majesty!

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She ran quickly though the woods and flew into the wooded door, when she opened up her eyes again she was in her bedroom again and she was wearing her old clothes instead of her ballroom gown. Later that night she told her sisters about what had happened, they laughed at her and insisted that she was going mad. But still in Fairleass's heart she knew what she had seen was all true.

They next day while no one was looking she let herself fall into her painting, she had more confidence now and knew she couldn't harm the painting.

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Now when she looked around her she saw that the valley had turned into autum, the leaves were the shades of red, gold and a rich brown. She knew more of were she was going now so it wasn't long before she was at the castle once again, this time she was dressed into an orenge frock with images of red butterflys and purple wildflowers. In the ballroom there was an even greater party and the prince was allready waiting for her, like the day before they dance to there hearts content and soon Fairleass found she was falling in love with the Handsome prince, "I'm sorry your highness but after all this time I don't even know your name.

The prince laughed, "My name is Bonnifass. She promised to see him once again the following day, when she returned home her sisters still did not believe her but she continued to visit her new world. The next day the valley had turned into an icy winter, but it was a magical valley so when the snow toutched her skin she felt warm. She was dressed in the most beautifull dress that she had worn out of the two days she had come to her magical land, a dark blue robe with silver moons and real pearls clung to Fairleasses skin.

When she danced with Prince Bonnifass he lead her to the top of the grand stairs infront of everyone and pulled out a silver box, when Fairleass opened it she was surprised to see a ring decorated a large moonstone Fairleass agreed to marry him but said she must tell her family first, she had decided that she would leave her world and live forever in the magical kingdom with her prince.

Throughout our hearings we kept hearing the word "product" — a ghastly word—in relation to tourism. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

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Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. However, it should prove a ghastly warning for us. I have vivid memories of men gasping for breath, suffering from emphysema and ghastly diseases of that kind. Possibly, we did more than we should have done; but we did it because we knew that, once a conflict starts, those ghastly things happen.

All morning, we have been told about individuals who have committed the most ghastly and heinous acts and are a threat to society. In these circumstances, a ghastly tragedy could occur at any time for want of on-site surgery, anaesthetists and inter-hospital transport.

Big towns have been ghastly models of slums, industrial de- velopment, housing, roads and railways—all thrown together in an unplanned tangle. There is nothing to be proud about in those ghastly cemeteries which were the result of the last war. Nationalised industries and so-called state enterprises are still the most ghastly and still give the worst service. The alternative seems to be a sort of ghastly combination of dumping and tariffs on all sides.

The whole of this ghastly campaign is referred to as an incident. Then it grew stronger through one ghastly winter after another, through repeated and heartbreaking postponements of the hope of liberty and indeed of life itself. We say resolutely that such ghastly crimes shall be visited with appropriate punishment, not in the spirit of revenge but in the spirit of justice.

  • The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina on October 24, · Page 24.
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Today we should be looking to the future, conscious of the end of a ghastly period in the history of that part of the world. See all examples of ghastly. Translations of ghastly in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of ghastly? Browse gf. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Image credits.

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  5. Word of the Day kind-hearted. About this. Read More. New Words breatharian. November 11, To top. English American Examples Translations.

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