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622 - Angels' Revenge

No, I will not call you little buddy! Gertrude Stein was an author in the first half of the 20th century; her home in Paris, which she shared with her companion Alice B.

“Peppermint,” Reviewed: Jennifer Garner Stars in an Ignorant, Racist Drug-Trade Revenge Film

Toklas, hosted salons attended by many of the leading artists and intellectuals of the day, including Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. Its theme song, by the same name, was subsequently recorded by the Four Aces and became a smash hit; Frank Sinatra also recorded a highly popular version of the song. It ran for virtually forever, from I almost called you Gilligan. See note on Alan Hale , above.


Still not writing. Fran Lebowitz is a humor writer who has written for Mademoiselle and published several books of essays. See above note on Alan Hale's Lobster Barrel. Seventeen days later, another woman, Sara Jane Moore, fired a shot at Ford but was equally unsuccessful a bystander was slightly wounded.

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Fromme was finally released on parole in ; Moore was paroled in Want it? Velamints were a brand of sugar-free mints sold in various flavors and introduced in ; they have since been discontinued by the manufacturer. Kleenex is a brand of facial tissue made by Kimberly-Clark. It was introduced in A map of historic Williamsburg.

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Colonial Williamsburg is a historical attraction in Virginia, originally the capital of Virginia during the Revolutionary period. In the s, an effort began to preserve the historic buildings in the town that eventually morphed into the acre Historic Area, where hundreds of reconstructed buildings and costumed employees convey what life was like during the colonial era.

Thanks to multiple readers for this reference. A very special All-American Girl. People will learn a valuable lesson. There will be hugs. Oh, Popeye!

Hi, Chong! Tommy Chong is a comedian, half of the stoner comedy team Cheech and Chong.

Angel's Revenge

We will, like, bury you. We will bury you! Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you. The Von Trapps were the singing family portrayed in the musical The Sound of Music ; Maria was the matriarch of the clan. Watch the lady! The con man appears to mix them facedown when in reality he is using sleight of hand to control the placement of the cards. Don't even try.

This happened on Designing Women once. Designing Women was a television sitcom about a group of women who ran an interior decorating business. It aired from Right on, Willona. Willona Woods was the next-door neighbor of the Evans family on the TV series Good Times , which aired from This is the theme song to Green Acres, a TV sitcom that ran from to ; it starred Eva Gabor as Lisa Douglas, the socialite wife of an attorney who tries to adapt to life in the rural town of Hooterville.

Pat Buttram, who plays the car dealer here, played Mr. Haney on Green Acres. This is made out to Gabby Hayes! His sidekicking career spanned two decades and included such films as The Frontiersmen and Man From Oklahoma Olympia Dukakis, ladies and gentlemen. Olympia Dukakis is an actress who has appeared in character roles in a number of films and stage productions; she won an Oscar for what is probably her most famous part, the Italian matriarch in the film Moonstruck.

Her cousin, Michael Dukakis, is a onetime presidential candidate. They can get All My Children!

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All My Children is a forever-running soap opera that first aired in Freud was an Austrian medical doctor who is generally considered the father of psychoanalysis. It should be noted that Freud was an inveterate cigar smoker. Headed by Newt Gingrich. In he ran for the Republican nomination for president and was briefly the front-runner before losing the nomination to Mitt Romney. You and your date will be chauffeured to exotic Centerville, Minnesota.

Centerville is a small town in eastern central Minnesota, with a population of about 3, people. She must be engaged to Sean Penn.

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Actor Sean Penn gained a reputation for having a violent temper during his marriage to pop singer Madonna, which lasted from to During that time, Penn was arrested for beating a photographer and was charged with felony domestic assault; he ultimately pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. Look at that, Stanley. Jim Backus as John Philip Sousa. Knight Rider was a TV show that aired from It starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a detective with a talking car. See above note on Jim Backus. The Hudson Brothers were funnier than these guys.

He has appeared in bit parts in the films based on his novels. See above note. Circus of the B-Movie Stars. Circus of the Stars was an annual television special that ran from to It featured assorted actors performing traditional circus acts. Robert Bork was a legal scholar and the former attorney general of the United States. He was attacked by civil rights and abortion rights organizations as a hard-right extremist, and the Senate ultimately voted to reject his nomination; the vacancy was eventually filled by Anthony Kennedy.

The Bay of Pigs invasion took place on April 17, It was an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the communist government of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The invasion was a fiasco and a serious political problem for the Kennedy administration, which had authorized the strike.

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So Jim Backus is the god of wine, right? Bacchus was the Roman god of wine and inebriation; his Greek equivalent was Dionysius. Boy, this Tom Clancy novel really loses something in the film version. Tom Clancy was a popular author of techno thrillers, many of which have been turned into films. The Apollo astronauts. The Apollo space program was the program run by NASA from , which included the first moon landing in Miss Jane Pittman in Striking Distance. Gaines, about the life of a woman born into slavery. It was made into a TV movie starring Cicely Tyson in Striking Distance is a action film starring Bruce Willis as a cop seeking to avenge the death of his policeman father.

Oh, an Orrin Thompson home. Orrin Thompson Homes is a real estate developer based in Wayzata, Minnesota, to the west of Minneapolis. And Jim Backus gracefully closes his career. Kennedy administration. Backus played Texas journalist Ted Dealey. Five Mrs. Buchanans on a rampage.

The 5 Mrs. Buchanans was a short-lived TV series that aired from , about four sisters-in-law in a small town and their fraught relations with their horrible mother-in-law the fifth Mrs. Thanks to Heather Barrett for this reference. My Snapple! Snapple is a brand of bottled teas and juices.

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They were introduced in and are now available in eighty countries around the world. Fox Force Five. Marjoe Gortner?! After the success of his film, Gortner embarked on a brief acting career, with roles in films like Earthquake and in the Kojak pilot. Wow, the oil embargo is going to affect his shirt supply. The embargo ended after a tortuous series of diplomatic efforts that included persuading Israel to withdraw from parts of the territory it had seized in the war. Hey, Cheech, man! What a lovely way for him to say how much he loves me. These are my Chess King pants!

Angels Revenge (Read A Movie) Angels Revenge (Read A Movie)
Angels Revenge (Read A Movie) Angels Revenge (Read A Movie)
Angels Revenge (Read A Movie) Angels Revenge (Read A Movie)
Angels Revenge (Read A Movie) Angels Revenge (Read A Movie)
Angels Revenge (Read A Movie) Angels Revenge (Read A Movie)
Angels Revenge (Read A Movie) Angels Revenge (Read A Movie)
Angels Revenge (Read A Movie) Angels Revenge (Read A Movie)

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