Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6)

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Roped, Laura Crum

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    Gertrude M. Die Carlisten, ihre Erhebung, ihr Kampf und ihr Untergang. Katherine Eliza See: Bitting, K. My earliest memory is of being put on a horse with my uncle and loping along in the saddle with him. Ever since I was first allowed to buy a horse with my own hard-earned money at the age of fifteen , I have always owned horses. I no longer compete on my horses or train horses, but my son and I still trail ride together on our steady mounts. And I still have my two older horses that I competed on for so many years—they are retired now.

    Gunner 34 and Plumber 25 are featured equine characters in my novels, and Sunny and Henry our two current trail horses come into the last two books Going Gone and Barnstorming. Our much-loved pony, Toby now deceased and buried here is featured in Chasing Cans. My life, like my books, has been very much about horses, and I am still passionate about them, although these days living with my horses here on our property probably means more to me than any other aspect of my horse life.

    I think there are many women and a few men who, just like me, have been passionately drawn to horses all their lives. Some, like me, have been lucky enough to live out their dream. I wrote my novels to all these other horse lovers, including those who never quite had the life with horses that they dreamed of. A portrait of the artist in her element.

    What are your writing projects going forward? Do we fans have any Laura Crum projects to look forward to? I love writing blog posts on the Equestrian Ink Blog. I probably never would have started my own blog, not thinking that anyone would be interested in my day-to-day thoughts. But having been invited to join Equestrian Ink several years ago, I have really enjoyed writing posts and connecting with readers.

    I always meant to write a dozen novels in the Gail McCarthy series, and that goal has been accomplished. I recently finished a brief memoir about my real life history with horses that is meant to be a companion to the mystery series. I plan to have it up as a 99 cent special on Kindle in the next few months. Not sure if I will publish it or not. But it was an interesting experience to write something that I wanted to write just to please myself.

    Do you have a favorite amongst your wonderful stories? All the books are special to me for one reason or another.

    Breakaway (Gail McCarthy Mysteries, book 6) by Laura Crum

    I think I improved as a writer quite a bit after my first novel—Cutter is definitely a slightly more amateurish book than the others. It is a book that I really enjoyed writing, and much of the material in it comes from journals that I wrote while horse packing and camping in those mountains. The sixth book, Breakaway, is probably my darkest book. People either love this one or hate it. The last four books Moonblind, Chasing Cans, Going Gone and Barnstorming deal with my protagonist getting married, getting pregnant, having a baby and raising a child.

    As some of us know firsthand, these are huge life experiences, and I wanted to write about them there are lots of horses and danger in these books, too—I promise. All my books come from the heart. Thank you so much, Elizabeth.

    November 18 – 22, 12222

    I really appreciate your interest in my books and very much enjoyed talking to you about this post. Like Like. It was such a wonderful experience for me, Laura. Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you, also, for your wonderful stories. You are commenting using your WordPress. Her size gave him concern.

    Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6) Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6)
    Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6) Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6)
    Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6) Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6)
    Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6) Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6)
    Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6) Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6)
    Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6) Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6)

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