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So my question is: which one of these two is the "famous" and "legendary" Calculus book that everybody always talks about when the "great three" - Spivak, Apostol and Courant - are mentioned or recommended to people asking for a first course in calculus? Note: I'm a math major. I'm mostly interested in what the oft-mentioned calculus book by Courant is, and not which of his two books would suit my prior exposure to calculus Spivak best in terms of the follow-up level. That is not to say I wouldn't appreciate an informed opinion on that matter, I certainly would and I hope some experienced readers will be able to enlighten me , but I'm primarily asking this question to find out which is the more canonical one.

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Differential and Integral Calculus is the classic. The first edition in English came out in Introduction to Calculus and Analysis is a somewhat modified version co-authored by Fritz John.

Careful attention to either version will give you just about the same very good grounding in calculus, so you may want to read which ever one is easier to get a copy of. But if you want to read the classic, it's Differential and Integral Calculus. It's impossible to learn the subject from the book by Landau also called "Differential and Integral Calculus" , but it's worth a look once you already know the subject. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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If you've worked through Spivak, my own advice to you would be not to spend time studying single-variable calculus over again in a different introductory book. I would recommend studying either multivariable calculus or For multivariable calculus, you could use one of Courant's books or Vol. The fact that its based on his earlier work "Differential and Integral Calculus" is entirely irrelevant: it says nothing about which the most canonical work is. Searching on the internet, I've found references to both books being very good, alongside Spivak and Apostol.

Calculus: book one
Calculus: book one
Calculus: book one
Calculus: book one
Calculus: book one
Calculus: book one
Calculus: book one
Calculus: book one

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