Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1)

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More like 3. The characters are interesting enough, the vampire 'theory' well thought through and the plot engaging and well worked through. What I missed was the chemistry. Don't get me wrong, the sexual tension between the two was squirming hot, but there was just not enough of it. And by the ending I was left a bit disappointed with the development of their relationship.

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I'm guessing more of it will be placed in the sequel, but if that turns out not to be the case, I might rethink More like 3. I'm guessing more of it will be placed in the sequel, but if that turns out not to be the case, I might rethink this rating.

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Overall it is nice vampire story I would recommend. Jan 27, Jason Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: a-list , vampires , m-m , ebook , adventure. I wish I had felt more chemistry between the characters. And Andreas was a little 2-D until a good way into the story. But the story is a solid one and very unique. I will definitely continue the series. Jul 29, Loves To Dive rated it really liked it. There is one small difference, around ten years earlier vampires came out of the closet and into the light. Most prefer to live amongst their own kind in communes, some choose to live among the humans, Andreas Rousakis is one such vampire.

Andreas has worked for the NSA and FBI in the USA, and is now a Community Warden at a commune in Spain called Renaissance, and as such is tasked to liaise with the local police to ensure that the internal security of the commune does not cross outside of their boundaries. As luck would have it, on the very day Andreas is assigned to partner with Ricardo, the wife of an up and coming politician was found shot to death by her husband.

As a vampire Andreas has special skills that just might make him a valuable member of the team and help them to solve the case fast enough to satisfy the powers that be. At the scene, Andreas uses his unique sense of smell to figure out exactly what happened, and he soon realizes that when the murder was committed, there was someone else in the room other than the victim and murderer.

They must find Xavi, put him in protective custody in hopes that he can help identify the murderer. The hunt is on, to add insult to injury the Inspector suspects there is a one of their own involved so Andreas and Ricardo are pretty much on their own. Quinton has chosen to go a different direction than most vampire stories.

Fool's Odyssey, no. 1

Crosses, holy water and garlic do nothing to them. Vampirism is a virus of a sort; there are even portions of the human population who are immune to it.

Andreas had been World War II airman, shot down over Italy and captured, he ended up in a concentration camp in Austria. It was there he met the man who would change him into a vampire and teach him to enjoy his body. When we first meet him, he is what one would expect from a vampire, silent, still, pale and a bad dresser.

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Xavi grew up on the streets, he had a number of women that he kept happy and got by on his wits and looks. In a pinch and for enough money, Xavi would be with men but he liked women, or so he thought until he met Andreas. Their chemistry was electrical almost from the beginning and it was fun to watch Andreas play with Xavi.

This is a short, quick, fun novella; it only took me an afternoon to read it. Jan 02, Maarja rated it liked it Shelves: crime , romance , thriller , urban-fantasy , vampires , sci-fi , free. Another interesting take on vampires, but I just didn't feel the connection between the MC's, and a bit much was left unexplained, so no more than three stars for this one. Since the world intrigued me, though, I'll probably return to the series sometime. Mar 24, Book Utopia rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , paranormal , erotic-romance , futuristic. Right away, the reader is thrust into a different setting than the usual fare.

The story begins in Barcelona, in the year , and young gigolo Xavi Escudero is in the bedroom of his latest partner when a door shuts downstairs. The killer leaves without seeing him, and Xavi makes a run for it, stealing some of her jewelry to help fund his necessary disappearance. The case gets assigned to Detective Aguilar, and Right away, the reader is thrust into a different setting than the usual fare. The case gets assigned to Detective Aguilar, and through a new arrangement, vampire Andreas Rousakis gets placed as his partner. Aguilar and Andreas are ordered to find and keep him safe until the killer is caught, a killer who has become aware his crime did not go unseen.

Andreas finds him with little effort, and proceeds to keep him in protective custody, even when Xavi keeps trying to escape. The two heroes are an interesting study in contrasts. Though Xavi has grown up on the streets, he brings an unexpected innocence to the page that belies his tough upbringing. He reacts out of fear and a strong sense of self-preservation, but beneath it all, a feeling of hope and idealism permeates his thoughts and actions.

On the other hand, Andreas has a world of experience behind him, knowledge that steadies his nerves and actions. This is a vampire that knows what he wants, and as he fights his attraction to Xavi, this measured approach controls the pace of the romantic development, each step of the way. Of the two, I was drawn to Andreas more than Xavi. His intelligence and careful control were compelling, intriguing me into wanting to know more.

Since this marks the first book in a series, he would be the primary reason I would choose to follow.

I wanted to, but mostly because I wanted Andreas to get what he wanted. However, that acceleration becomes necessary to drive the action of the latter half of the story, so for that, I forgive it to a degree. The setting crackles, rich with details, and the pacing barrels forward from plot point to plot point with little room to breathe in between. The end result is an engrossing, entertaining read, with promises of what is yet to come.

The Wise Guy and the Fool

Jun 12, Grammy 1 rated it it was amazing. This is not my first book read of this talented author. He is a street rat, been on them most of his twenty something years. In order to survive he has become a hooker, a gigolo working the tourists and the rich of his city Barcelona Spain the year The year is important, since it is in the future where vampires This is not my first book read of this talented author. In the USA, the citizens have had more of a problem with their assimilation and so there has been a quiet village set up in Spain called Renaissance for the vampires to live in peace doing farming and otherwise enjoying a quiet existence.

They are sharing a wonderful afternoon when they hear a noise downstairs. Thinking it is her husband returning early from a business trip, Xavi hides under the bed. A man comes standing in the doorway, and as Xavi watches, a man Sophia calls Raoul pulls out a gun starts shooting, killing her. Xavi waits till the coast appears clear, snatching up some of the pieces of jewelry lying all over her dressing table to use to pawn for cash as he tries to flee.

At police head quarters we are introduced to Andreas Rousakis. He is a police officer and a vampire. He is in Spain to be the Community Warden of Renaissance, and be a liaison in the police department. Andreas is being partnered with a local officer Detective Ricardo Aquilar. Both men are called in to investigate the assassination of Sophia Matas.

In a matter of hours, Xavi is a person of interest to many. The police want to question him and the killers know him as a witness to the murder. Xavi knows his time is limited and calls someone he trusts in the police department telling him he saw the murder and wants police protection.

Bronn: A Fool's Errand (Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4)

Andreas finds Xavi running through an alley being chased by armed men, possibly the killer and his gang. He saves him and calls it in, being told to get Xavi to a safe house. Andreas is an expert in control. Control of himself, his job and his relationships. Xavi is a free spirit always looking after someone. Their staying together begins peeling off the layers of these two men.

This is an affair that will have so many repercussions. So it is a murder mystery, yes It is a wild love story, yes It has it all! It has you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Then some more twists after that!!!! This story is an afternoon read and holds your attention till the last.

Apr 12, Kelly H.

Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1) Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1)
Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1) Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1)
Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1) Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1)
Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1) Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1)
Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1) Fools Errand (Fools Odyssey Book 1)

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