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To be honest, it was jarring for several reasons. Then there were the personal parallels: Annie lives in Portland, Ore. Then something happens. Each of the six episodes only gets better and better as the characters are more developed the supporting cast is stellar and even the slacker boyfriend Ryan, played by Luka Jones, is surprisingly layered and the stories take on more of a collective feel. Best of all, Annie is no saint.

Just like the best TV characters do. In short, Bryant and company have achieved the best kind of art; a specific story that manages to feel universal. Inicio Acerca de EntornoInteligente. Hernan Porras Molina. Salud Nigerian dies in Indian prison. Nota de Prensa VIP. Contentment was mine…. Plaza Puerto is actually just a roundabout in a bleak industrial part of town, rather than a pedestrian square. One of the old dock cranes is on display in the middle of the rotunda with Gibraltar, as ever, dominating the horizon in the background.

The area used to be a beautiful beach called El Chorruelo back in Victorian times until Franco later had it developed into the port in order to compete with Gibraltar. El Chorruelo was immortalised in music by Paco de Lucia the famous Flamenco guitarist whose brother was a bell boy at the hotel below. In a town virtually bereft of anything old, I was quite interested to visit this historical building….

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The construction of the original Victorian hotel was financed in the s by Alexander Henderson who also built the famous railway between Ronda and Algeciras. At the time it was the most expensive hotel in Spain. The original colonial building burned down in a fire and the current eclectic Andalusian-style construction replaced it in I love these mosaics behind the outdoor bar near the Salon Principe which must date from that period.

During WW2 the terrace was used by spies to watch the ships passing through the Straits of Gibraltar. In the landscaped grounds there are the remains of an 8th century mosque and an old Arab well that still functions. The salon still seems to be a Saturday night meeting place for the older Spanish generation who have a bit of money. The restaurant is supposed to be quite good and the buffet did look quite impressive when I went in for a nosey. I might come back for a meal some evening….

Built in , the domed roof was once the largest in the world until the Houston Astro Dome stole the title in Google map here. A couple of the stalls specialise in bull meat, and probably other parts of El Toro as well. They have large photographic displays showing the provenance of their wares. You can get tapas and drinks from a couple of places inside but I prefer to go to La Casita below. Other than the huge white salad onions and beef tomatoes, most of it was unremarkable but there are a couple of snail vendors.

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Calle Tarifa leads out of the west side of the market square. The place is always packed but the stocky tattooed chaps on the bar get your order as soon as you come through the door and bellow it in the direction of the kitchen serving hatch with a Gregorian chant-like inflection at the end of the sentence. They do this while pouring drinks at top speed interspersed with cracking uproarious jokes with the clientele.

God knows how but your food is in front of you within seconds. And how they keep tabs on who has what I have no idea. But it all works, and I love it. I had…. My friend Nicky loves North African food so I came here on her recommendation. The train and bus stations are nearby too. There are several places around that serve similar food, including Casablanca next door but this one has lots of tables out on the street.

One of only two recommendations I considered from Trip Advisor at the time, and also the only restaurant to feature in the Rough Guide. Saffron gave the murkiness a yellowish tinge.

Las Lagrimas de Henan (Ficcionario)

The next dish, two kinds of fried fish, was a mis-order on my part. Unboned and tasteless I could only give them a C.

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For dessert Natillas custard which inexplicably came with a soggy digestive biscuit in the middle. It was a first for me, but I have learned since that this is a thing in Spain. This is a bit gloomy place favoured by an older clientele but you could probably eat well here if you make the right choices.

Plaza Alta is the central square in the old town of Algeciras. In the centre of the square is a monumental fountain dating from In the southeast corner is a small chapel, the Capilla de Europa. Remnants of the old city wall, and a surrounding moat ditch? The walls were built by the Marinids in the 14th century when Algeciras was a Moorish town.

They were destroyed during the Castillian reconquest of Still I guess the local folks feel they need at least some connection with the past as there is precious little else. I had to search hard for some modern architecture that I liked and eventually found Edificio Kursaal on Avenida Villanueva behind Restaurante El Alkazar which I will review in a coming post. I understand preparations are under way to use the building to display his work. The slideshow here shows some of them. Please also see my next post on things to see in the Villa Vieja, which includes photos of Plaza Alta.

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My Google map is here. I really like this little place and so do a lot of other people as it was always crowded on both my visits; once for lunch and another time for dinner. The guys who run it are friendly and very hardworking; constantly running up and down a ladder into the store room in the loft space. The simple and very short menu has lots of international influences and there seems to be an emphasis on organic products. For lunch I had a cheese Empanada B followed by the Entrana which was sliced rare sirloin served with Foccacia B and Chimichurri A , an Argentinian salsa the name of which has an interesting history click on the link.

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I finished with some excellent artisanal cheese. I think all three slices were Payoyo a favourite cheese of mine from Cadiz in various stages of ageing; fresh, semi-curado and curado all A. I quite liked the atmosphere in this modern Guia Repsol recommended place so I hung out for the evening using their free Wi-Fi. This is an asador grill house so good for meat. They also have a lively tapas bar at the front a with waiter who is a bit of a character.

I disturbed the kitchen staff from having their pre-service meal at 9. Also, I already knew that the bread in Spain generally leaves a lot to be desired, but the anaemic roll on my side plate took things to another sub level. Things got better with the Ensalada de la Casa A , a huge bowl of mixed salad, some deep fried balls of cheese and great belly tuna, all nicely dressed. To finish the Tarta Fina de Mazana B.

Might come back for tapas. This next place is closed now, a victim of the economic crisis no doubt. A teacher-recommended fish specialist that looks traditional which, along with the price of their brandy, put me off on my initial recce. In fact though, they are quite experimental, for example, they use soya sauce and wasabi in some dishes.

The complimentary apertivo was a couple of whitebait dressed in a soya sauce with a chive and olive oil dressing which was great A. The following Boquerones Rellenos stuffed anchovies and mashed potato croquettes were sadly tasteless, even with energetic salting C. Then a main of Corvina in a sauce with a small portion of nicely cooked veg on the side A. The name Corvina is used for different fish around the world, but here it was most likely a large sea bass. Both were totally new, but delicious concepts to me.

I like this place. The owner is passionate, his staff less so but they were still friendly and attentive. Satisfaction and value-for-money criteria were all met. One good thing about the city is all the other places you can get to from it, such as Gibraltar, which is just a bus ride away on the other side of the Bahia de Algeciras or Bay of Gibraltar depending on your loyalties. You could visit the beautiful beaches of neighbouring Tarifa, or travel the famous train line inland to lovely Ronda, or perhaps even take a short ride on a fast ferry to Tangiers in Morocco.

It might be better to ask for the higher numbers on each floor. There are only about four options for each course on the menu, none of which particularly inspired me.


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