LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition)

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Ita Eng. During this voyage Ruberto makes several important contributions. First of all, the book complicates labor history by making visible the work, both paid and unpaid, of subalterns, in this specific case Italian, Italian-American and immigrant women in Italy. This labor is often omitted, not only in traditional labor histories, as in the case of rice workers in Italy, but also from more popular cultural representations like the Italian American Hollywood films directed by Coppola and Scorsese. In their representations, the work of Italian American women, even the one performed in the private space of the kitchen, is ignored.

She achieves that by closely analyzing the practices of every day life and thereby highlighting the continuum between productive and reproductive work, and the role of sexuality in informing all aspects of public life. In doing that she also challenges the artificial distinction drawn between private and public life, and shows, instead, how the two spheres constantly influence and redefine one another. By juxtaposing different cultural representations of immigrant and migrant women and their labor in Italy and the U. These alternative representations are particularly powerful when produced in collaboration with organic intellectuals who possess the tools to fashion these accounts of daily lives into coherent and effective counter narratives.

Privacy Policy. Cart Items 0. In , he was a thinker consultant for a Member of the European Parliament. Raffaele ha una vasta esperienza in management, organizzazione e comunicazione di progetti a impatto sociale Commissione Europea, Gruppo Banca Prossima-Intesa San Paolo.

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Nel , ha co-fondato Piano C, per proporre nuovi modelli organizzativi costruiti sulla diversity. Nel , era consulente per un membro del Parlamento Europeo. From 26 February , Dott. In the last ten years he has held the position of Director of Operations at the Italian Red Cross and he has been responsible for all national and international programs and operations.

He has carried out advocacy activities, strategic direction, internal and external coordination, obtaining high quality results in all operations.

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In this role he managed over people, involved in emergency operations, disaster management, cooperation and development and international relations, communication and fundraising, health, volunteering and migration. He led the development of the new organizational structure of activities for the private association of the Italian Red Cross and was entrusted with the task of ensuring the smooth transition and continuation of operations and programs in the difficult transition between the public structure of the Cross Red to the private one.

The ten-year experience in senior management of the Italian Red Cross has provided the necessary skills to provide a solid and competent guidance and strategic management, as well as a better understanding on how to develop global strategic directions of large organizations. Since he has been in charge of supporting and directing the activity to promote the candidacy of the Italian Red Cross and its President first to the Governing Board and then to the IFRC International Presidency, in both cases with positive results, developing a solid experience in humanitarian politics.

Previously he had solid experience as a public manager in the field of communication and management control and as a private manager of important multinational companies in the marketing and sales area.

In questo ruolo ha gestito oltre persone, coinvolte in operazioni di emergenza, gestione delle catastrofi, cooperazione e sviluppo e relazioni internazionali, comunicazione e raccolta fondi, salute, volontariato e migrazione. In , Occhio took a leap of faith and became a social entrepreneur launching SeeMe, a fair trade verified jewelry brand. In , she was awarded the Palladio awards for best social responsibility jeweler. With an MA in geopolitics, Occhio speaks five languages, lives in Amsterdam and has a 13yo son. She has long experience in project management and global account management, heading international teams, developing new markets or industries, and setting up new processes and regional teams according to design thinking methods.

She has been active as trainer of new leadership principles for managers of the Lufthansa Group and has been setting up a group wide change network. Previously she has had various business development positions in the Lufthansa Group and Bosch Telecom. Ha una lunga esperienza nella gestione di progetti e gestione globale degli account, nella direzione di team internazionali, nello sviluppo di nuovi mercati o industrie e nella creazione di nuovi processi e team regionali secondo i metodi di progettazione.

In precedenza ha ricoperto varie posizioni nello sviluppo del business nel Gruppo Lufthansa e in Bosch Telecom. Laura has extensive experience in social entrepreneurship and social innovation ecosystems and has worked for large multinational corporations and institutions worldwide.

She focuses her work on how to leverage social value so that it may generate economic value for communities and society as a whole. She has been recently appointed ActionAid Partner.

Raya is a serial entrepreneur, writer, educator, and futurist. She is the founder and CEO of Awecademy, an award-winning educational organization that offers future-focused and wisdom-based education for high schools. Tutti i suoi pezzi sono fatti a mano da donne sopravvissute alla violenza. Con un master in geopolitica, Occhio parla cinque lingue, vive ad Amsterdam e ha un figlio di 13 anni. Veronica Chiodo has a Ph. She completed her Master of Art degree in Social Economy in at the University of Bologna, with a thesis about the relationship between impact investors and social enterprises in the Indian market.

At present, her research interest focuses on financial needs of social enterprises in their scaling and the sources they can access. She has worked as consultant with venture capitalist, banking and microfinance institutions to develop a measurement system able to assess the social impact performance of social enterprises in the screening, due diligence and monitoring phase.

Veronica Chiodo ha frequentato il corso di dottorato in Ingegneria Gestionale al Politecnico di Milano. Ha lavorato come consulente per venture capitalist, banche e organizzazione di microfinanza per sviluppare un sistema di misurazione in grado di valutare le prestazioni di impatto sociale delle imprese sociali nella fase di screening, due diligence e monitoraggio.

Alice Borrello is a Ph. She graduated in Management Engineering in at Politecnico di Milano, with a master thesis on Impact Investing, focusing on the role of Public Sector in this market. She is involved in projects on Impact measurement for social businesses and Impact investors. Her research looks at Impact Investing ecosystem and Impact measurement systems. Alice Borrello sta frequentando il corso di dottorato presso il Dipartimento di Management, Economia e Ingegneria Industriale del Politecnico di Milano.

Mygrants is the first app based on micro-learning designed especially to deliver support to immigrants through a series of thematic module quizzes.

L'Italia alla ricerca della felicità

Through the database, companies have the opportunity to pick in real-time, or track the weekly performance and program the onboarding of the most suited immigrant according to the role they require. Head of Bosch Group Automotive Marketing and Institutional Affairs for 10 years, she directly experienced the lack of interest of new generations towards S. Her goal is to make children and teenagers passionate about S.

A capo del Marketing Automotive e degli Affari Istituzionali del Gruppo Bosch in Italia per 10 anni, tocca con mano durante questa esperienza il calo di interesse delle nuove generazioni per le materie scientifiche, e sperimenta il drammatico gender gap presente in ambito S. She works with companies and government agencies to design new services and tools.

In these processes, she mixes design thinking, Lean and Agile methodologies, Art of Hosting and other sources of inspiration. Quotidianamente, affianca aziende globali e agenzie governative per co-progettare nuovi servizi e strumenti capaci di portare valore alle persone. Luca is researcher at the Department of Business and Management of Luiss Guido Carli University, holding a post-doc fellowship on Social Innovation Based Entrepreneurial Models: assets and contextual conditions in urban regeneration and regional developments.

His research includes the analysis and evaluation of public policies, the organisational and policy implications of social innovation, cultural and community-based entrepreneurship, social impact of new technologies. He has published articles in several national and international scientific journals. Consulente per diverse organizzazioni di valutazione di startup e processi di Trasferimento Tecnologico. Sara is an architect and a social innovation and urban regeneration consultant. She is currently working with implementation and definition of social innovative services at Social Seed, an innovation laboratory for organizations and social enterprises.

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She is facilitating co-design processes, mentoring, managing project, and developing new projects for calls. She focuses on urban regeneration as tool to enable community participation and sustainable development, and on labor issues. She is contributing to the implementation of project, promoted by a partnership of private and public actors, which aims to empower and find work for unemployed in difficult socio-economic conditions. Come architetto, ha collaborato per alcuni anni con studi tecnici e ha partecipato ad una formazione a cura di Architetti senza Frontiere Italia Onlus. Federica is a Project Manager at Nesta Italia where she works with projects related to urban policies for inclusion and intercultural practices, but is also supporting the work in other areas education, arts and new technologies.

She heads a pilot for the experimentation of new methodologies for the development and innovation of urban policies in the field of inclusion. She has been part of many EU financed projects in the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship and has gained numerous experiences in curating artistic-cultural projects.

Federica ricopre il ruolo di Project Manager a Nesta Italia. He established and ran his own successful business in Oban and the west highlands of Scotland before selling the business to focus on social enterprise and community development. He is an associate consultant with Imani Development, an employee-owned economic and development consultancy partnering with Social Enterprise Academy South African hub.

Carlo Calenda (Italian Vice Minister for the Economic Development)

Roy is one of the concept holders and past Chairman of Atlantis Leisure: a successful Oban-based social enterprise. He has been concept holder and a founding director of a number of other health and youth-based organisations. He has also completed the post graduate certificate in social enterprise at Glasgow Caledonian University. He lives in the Highlands and enjoys running, walking and camping in the hills and generally keeping up with his four kids, which takes up all his spare time! Since then, she has been working in the field of local development to support social enterprises start up and development.

With more than 15 years of experience, Sabina has developed extensive expertise on issues related to social economy development from start-up techniques to funding systems and mechanisms, to effective development strategies and internationalization.

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Dopo la laurea in Filosofia, Sabina ha conseguito un Master in Management dei servizi pubblici presso il Politecnico di Milano. Come imprenditore sociale ha co-fondato School Raising, la prima piattaforma italiana di crowdfunding per finanziare progetti scolastici, e Mitosis, co-working Berlinese a conduzione casuale. In ogni esperienza, il suo approccio combina quattro parole: diffuse creativity design thinking per abilitare gruppi di persone a co-costruire soluzioni resilienti a sfide e bisogni comuni. Guglielmo is a Designer and Social Entrepreneur.

In his work Guglielmo combines four words — diffuse creativity design thinking — to enable people to use own creativity in group to build solutions to their challenges, and be resilient for the next ones. Following a research made by Ashoka Italy in Feb , Guglielmo is one of the first 12 more connected changemakers in Italy. Nel suo tempo libero ha completato 11 Ironman.

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Tracey is a well known social entrepreneur who founded three companies before starting Copia. But her most challenging job is serving as mom to three tiny kids and one large dog. In her free time she has completed 11 Ironmans.

LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition) LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition)
LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition) LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition)
LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition) LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition)
LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition) LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition)
LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition) LItalia alla ricerca della felicità (Italian Edition)

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