Little Robins Learning to Fly

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The Last Addition to our Nests. After painting rocks blue for eggs, and folding and gluing natural materials on brown paper bags for nests, the toddlers added their finishing touches, little Robin Redbreasts.

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Using shapes, feathers, and googly eyes, the children created their birds. The children were excited to take their nests home to play with them. The toddlers made beautiful paintings using watercolors.

Some toddlers chose to fill the entire page with an assortment of color, while others made various designs with lines, circles or drips. Many of the children enjoyed mixing the colors on the paper and in the palette. Using loose parts has been such a great way for our toddlers to use their imagination. Given various materials, such as colored popsicle sticks, buttons, cotton balls, wooden circles, and applesauce tops, each toddler was able to create something different and unique from one another.

Little Robins Learning to Fly - AbeBooks - Madeline Leslie:

When asked what they were making, many of the toddlers were able to explain exactly what they created and their purpose for choosing each piece represented in their picture. Z surprised our toddlers with their very own flower pot and flower. One at a time, each toddler was called up to choose their flower and plant it, adding soil to their pot to help their flowers grow. These majestic birds often fly over my house when I am engaged in an intuitive healing session. Crows have also played an important role for me. They appear in my personal journeying during altered states of awareness , and they are regular visitors to my home.

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In fact, as the moving truck drove into my new home, a line of crows flew to the trees surrounding it and watched all of the commotion. They then came back every day for the first week to both greet me and take the measure of me. They are smart creatures. Some people tend to have more bird messengers than others.

Little Robin Redbreast + More - Nursery Rhymes & Children's Songs - Super Simple Songs

It all depends on the person, his or her energy, and to what elements the person is aligned. People who have a lot of air signs in their astrological chart tend to get our winged friends sent to them. Alonya, my personal angel helper, calls people with a lot of air signs "intellectually centered," meaning they tend to be in the mental body rather than the emotional or physical body.

It's Day 21 and our Robins have taken flight

I have worked for years communicating with animals that work as spirit guides for humans. Each animal spirit has a distinct message for each person. Because of this, books on the subject of animal communication should be used more as tools than a one-size-fits-all message.

The information in the books cannot take the place of connecting with the animal spirit on your own to find out what message it has for you. I connected with the robin that guides me, and he told me that all robins tend to bring teaching and a message of affection and family.

Little robins learning to fly.

They are intelligent, hardworking, and watchful. They teach us to be loved and also remind us to have fun in our daily life. A robin's message usually has something to do with retaining our identity and the sweetness of life in the midst of family life and careers.

If you have experienced a visitation by a robin, spend some time connecting with that bird. You can honor it for being a messenger. Donate to organizations that help robins and other birds, such as bird sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitators. If you have overwintering robins, put out fruits such as apple slices, raisins, or fresh or frozen berries for it to eat.

Little Robins Learning to Fly Little Robins Learning to Fly
Little Robins Learning to Fly Little Robins Learning to Fly
Little Robins Learning to Fly Little Robins Learning to Fly
Little Robins Learning to Fly Little Robins Learning to Fly
Little Robins Learning to Fly Little Robins Learning to Fly

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