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Sitting in the front row in a child-size chair, I watched a puppet show based improbably on a play by Tennessee Williams. The occasion John Stoltenberg - September 19, I saw Jackie Sibblies Drury's Fairview opening night at Woolly, and I cannot stop thinking about its originality—not only in form but in intent John Stoltenberg - August 9, John Stoltenberg - August 2, John Stoltenberg - July 9, John Stoltenberg - June 29, One looks for hope where one can find it. And sometimes hope pops up on its own, unexpected. That kind of hope, not sought John Stoltenberg - June 26, Twisted Melodies is a spectacular finish to Mosaic's fourth season.

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Written by and starring Kelvin Roston, Jr. John Stoltenberg - June 14, How do I love this play? Let me count the ways. John Stoltenberg - June 11, At the heart of it is the bond between mother and child, a I enjoy working at the Time Machine and would say it has a great staff. Only thing I feel is it's not for a full time career unless you have a second job.

But it is competitive with most other places as far as wages. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. I got the job at my interview- they were astounded by my tenacity and credibility. However, the job has unfair pay, terrible benefits, an inconsistent schedule, and management was disrespectful and hostile. Fun place to work but not worth what you're forced to put up with. Money is good, but not worth the way managers treat you. The rules are different with each manager so it's confusing. Favoritism so forget advamcement.

Money is good most of the time, interacting with the kids is a blast. I love working at the Magic Time Machine. I have worked there for a while, and I have loved every second of it. It is a fast paced environment, and you can make a lot of money quick, but it takes hard work and dedication. You have to stay in character, and make sure you are providing excellent customer care at all times.

Management isn't the greatest. Poor management. For being such a popular restaurant, they are always crazy understaffed. Restaurant is very dirty. Carpet has not been changed in at least ten years. The actual job is fun, you serve dressed as different characters in pop culture. If this option is given, the raw input as typed at the command line is used instead.

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By default, a tag line is printed to indicate the macro has been created, and then the contents of the macro are printed. If this option is given, then no printout is produced once the macro is created. This will define a global variable called name which is a string made of joining the slices and lines you specify n1,n2,… numbers above from your input history into a single string. This variable acts like an automatic function which re-executes those lines as if you had typed them.

You can assemble macros with any lines from your input history in any order. This function lets you activate matplotlib interactive support at any point during an IPython session. It does not import anything into the interactive namespace. If you are using the inline matplotlib backend in the IPython Notebook you can set which figure formats are enabled using the following:. This can cause discrepancies between the displayed image and the identical image created using savefig. In addition, see the docstring of IPython. This function can export the current IPython history to a notebook file.

If called without argument it works as a toggle.

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When an exception is triggered, IPython can optionally call the interactive pdb debugger after the traceback printout. The initial state of this feature is set in your configuration file the option is InteractiveShell. The file opens at the line where the object definition begins.

IPython will honor the environment variable PAGER if set, and otherwise will do its best to print the file in a convenient form. If the given argument is not an object currently defined, IPython will try to interpret it as a filename automatically adding a. If numpy has been imported and precision is an int, numpy display precision will also be set, via numpy.

In cell mode, the additional code lines are appended to the possibly empty statement in the first line. Cell mode allows you to easily profile multiline blocks without having to put them in a separate function.

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Namespaces are internally managed to work correctly; profile. The limit value can be:.

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A float between 0 and 1 : this fraction of the report is printed for example, use a limit of 0. You can combine several limits with repeated use of the option. Stats object generated by the profiling. This object has all the information about the profile in it, and you can later use it for further analysis or in other functions. When more than one key is provided, additional keys are used as secondary criteria when the there is equality in all keys selected before them. Abbreviations can be used for any key names, as long as the abbreviation is unambiguous. The following are the keys currently defined:.

Note that all sorts on statistics are in descending order placing most time consuming items first , where as name, file, and line number searches are in ascending order i. The profile is still shown on screen.

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Still, the rest of the command line must be unchanged options come first , so for example the following forms are equivalent. The pattern is matched in all namespaces on the search path. The default is case insensitive matching. Matching is also done on the attributes of objects and not only on the objects in a module.

Is the name of a python type from the types module. The name is given in lowercase without the ending type, ex. StringType is written string. By adding a type here only objects matching the given type are matched. Using all here makes the pattern match all types this is the default. These names are normally omitted from the search. If neither of these options are given, the default is read from your configuration file, with the option InteractiveShell. Note that you should not use quotes when specifying namespaces.

This function can be used without arguments. You can add namespaces to the search with -s or exclude them with -e these options can be given more than once.

This magic is similar to the cat utility, but it will assume the file to be Python source and will show it with syntax highlighting. This function lets you activate pylab matplotlib, numpy and interactive support at any point during an IPython session. You can govern the default behavior of this flag with the InteractiveShellApp. Allows you to create elaborate command lines without using copy-paste:.

Combine the specified lines into one cell, and place it on the next input prompt. Otherwise, the history is searched for lines which contain that substring, and the most recent one is placed at the next input prompt. With no arguments, it will repeat the last line. References to objects may be kept.

Calling this magic from clients that do not implement standard input, such as the ipython notebook interface, will reset the namespace without confirmation. We first fully reset the namespace so your output looks identical to this example for pedagogical reasons; in practice you do not need a full reset:. Parameters after the filename are passed as command-line arguments to the program put in sys. It thus sees its environment as if it were being run as a stand-alone program except for sharing global objects such as previously imported modules. Arguments are expanded using shell-like glob match.

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Unlike real shells, quotation does not suppress expansions. Use two back slashes e. To completely disable these expansions, you can use -G flag. On Windows systems, the use of single quotes ' when specifying a file is not supported. Use double quotes ". This is useful if you are experimenting with code written in a text editor which depends on variables defined interactively. This is particularly useful if IPython is being used to run unittests, which always exit with a sys.

In such cases you are interested in the output of the test results, not in seeing a traceback of the unittest module. IPython will give you an estimated CPU time consumption for your script, which under Unix uses the resource module to avoid the wraparound problems of time. Under Unix, an estimate of time spent on system tasks is also given for Windows platforms this is reported as 0.



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