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Was she mistaken that they were full of a wordless apology, she wondered, even as she greeted the two cordially.

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These laws, though founded on mistaken principles, undoubtedly restored the national silk trade for a while. At least half of the disappointments and failures of marriage arose from the mistaken training of good women. The truth is, that Moses was mistaken , and upon that mistake the christians located their heaven and their hell.

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Meaning "unintended pregnancy" is from In addition to the idiom beginning with mistake. The chestnut emoji is sometimes referred to as the raisin emoji because it is so often mistaken for one—especially on small screens and on digital platforms where the nut is very dark brown. Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. RELATED WORDS erroneous , inaccurate , inappropriate , confused , misled , untrue , faulty , misguided , unfounded , illogical , false , deluded , confounded , misunderstanding , warranted , tricked , duped , misinformed , fallacious , ill-advised.

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Join the Conversation. Close A shootout between two rival Mexican drug gangs earlier that day may have prompted the attack, authorities say.

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  • A shootout between two rival drug gangs earlier that day may have prompted the attack, authorities say From. CNN Two Chicago families have sued the city and a hospital after an injured patient was incorrectly identified , and people who did not know him were given the decision to take him off life support. To say that we currently have questions is an understatement.

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    We have detectives looking into every aspect of this incident - from the incident response to the circumstances leading to the hospitalization and the notification of family members. Details to follow as we learn more. Murphy contributed to this report. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media.

    source Facebook Twitter Instagram. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. He was a stranger. More Videos Family thought they took brother off life support. He was a stranger A wrongful death lawsuit accuses the hospital and city of being negligent and inflicting intentional emotional distress on the two families by failing to properly identify the patient.

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