Érotique Circus (French Edition)

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An orchestra was positioned above the stage, rather than below it, and Ardant delivered an hour-long torrent of words with the precise phrasing, pacing and tonal variety of a musical score, accompanied by a soundscape created by Jarrell to emphasise, undermine and even directly threaten the integrity of the text.

It was measured, insightful and respectful in making sense of the subtly encoded meanings woven into medieval iconography, before celebrating the spectacular freedoms of its own art form and contemporary feminism.

Alicia Burrieza artist (erotic etchings)

It began with four dancers recreating the tableaux of the six tapestries, building up a background of mille-fleurs and then ritualistically easing into the roles of the lady and her animal companions depicted in each scene, including a fox, a monkey and a unicorn, their naked bodies deployed as post-naked animal bodies. The lady turned round for the first time, revealing that her dress was backless, she was naked from behind, because what tapestry is double-sided? The lady stripped naked and convulsed like a hungry dog, before tearing down the background of the tapestry to reveal apparently infinite stage space behind, teeming with the 30 or so rabbits that give the tapestry its erotic edge.

These were naked men and women in scary Donnie Darko masks performing a kind of demented strobing riverdance, orchestrated by a unicorn singing a song. Like Cassandre , it explored the impact of war on the minds of men and the bodies of women, this time in the recent past.


A piece of dance theatre with an incredibly dense text, delivered by a not entirely convincing chorus of three, it explored themes every bit as shattering as a Homeric poem, and in fact brushed against the great canonical narratives of love and loss — but it also lacked the reassuring scope of the epic, for here everything was primitive, dirty and hopeless.

Adopting the structure of a kind of ambiguously tribal fashion show, its spectacularly costumed and made-up ensemble shrieked and thundered through a set of haka-like war dance skits that ranged from the frightening to the absurd, the virtuosic to the wildly energetic, drawing on the traditions of Africa and the Middle East, Tibet and Bali, and the voodoo dances of the Caribbean.

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Its athleticism was remarkable but it lacked meaningful development and precision, particularly in terms of the glances and gestures that were supposed to be its chief currency. A particular focus of Avignon 69 was the theatre of Argentina, and the two Argentine works I saw were at either end of the structural spectrum. It spun a story of almost Guy Ritchie-esque interconnectivity and coincidence out of scenes which only lasted as long as one full cycle of the belt, sliding between settings ranging from a bedroom to a club to a carnival in Paraguay.

Cirque du Soleil's Sensual Side - Zumanity

These were realised with modest ingenuity, as were the 20 or so characters created by a handful of actors, but all of this effort was frequently channelled into the entrenchment of only minor plot points. Like later Lepage, it felt more interested in its engineering both actual and literary than its themes, and it was the props guys tasked with catching everything as it fell off the conveyors who received the loudest applause.

What this meant in practice was a bizarre story of friendship and love triangles played out in the South Pole the actors dressed for a steampunk Antarctic in a medieval cloister on a degree night in Provence with dialogue, physical theatre and early and Baroque music that was all orchestrated based on the basic premise of the fugue: independent voices imitating one another in counterpoint to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

One particularly brilliant sequence saw him lying in a bath, inflecting Bach with the everyday actions going on behind him, gargling the melody when another actor drank some tea and so forth.

Xavier Jeudon - Filmographie

And with that, two conclusive chords played by everyone on stage signalled that this particular spiral had an end-point after all, as all works of art must. It turned out to be a masterpiece of decorative art, thanks to the virtuosity of Romain Bermond and Jean-Baptiste Maillet , who are superhuman in their dedication to subversively family-friendly craftsmanship.

tiotilanche.tk Campos ocultos. Obter livro impresso.


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Érotique Circus (French Edition) Érotique Circus (French Edition)
Érotique Circus (French Edition) Érotique Circus (French Edition)
Érotique Circus (French Edition) Érotique Circus (French Edition)
Érotique Circus (French Edition) Érotique Circus (French Edition)
Érotique Circus (French Edition) Érotique Circus (French Edition)
Érotique Circus (French Edition) Érotique Circus (French Edition)
Érotique Circus (French Edition) Érotique Circus (French Edition)

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