Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1)

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A DETECTION OF THE Court and State of England, During the Reign of King JAMES I. &c.


Under these, the waters of the Neverwinter River cascaded over small, gentle waterfalls as they coursed into the city's bustling harbor. Its lamps of multi-colored glass, its precision water clocks and exquisite jewelry, and its magnificent gardens the phrase " The City of Skilled Hands" referred to Neverwinter's accomplished gardeners ensured the warm winters were colourful and the summers were rich with fresh fruit. The city was full of beautiful and ingeniously designed buildings, many of which were famous in their own right, such as the House of Knowledge, Neverwinter's tall and many-windowed temple of Oghma; the Hall of Justice, the temple of Tyr and the public office for the rulers of the city; and Castle Never , the castle of the ruler of Neverwinter.

In addition, the reputations of such unique taverns as the Moonstone Mask , the Shining Serpent Inn , and the Fallen Tower reached far beyond the city's walls and further added to the city's distinction. After the Ruining , the city was almost entirely destroyed. Of the three bridges, only the Winged Wyvern remained functional.

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Many former edifices and homes became martial garrisons to maintain the monsters at bay. The Chasm was magically sealed around DR , [25] although at such cost to the city's coffers, that some of its outer walls still lay in ruins and several of its neighborhoods remained abandoned and invaded by monsters and brigands by DR. With the eruption of Mount Hotenow in DR, the city was almost destroyed. When Dagult Neverember started the rebuilding project for the city, the layout was drastically changed:. As of DR, Neverwinter was inhabited mostly by humans, half-elves , and a minority of dwarves.

As of DR, the city became more cosmopolitan, with members of many races living alongside members of the common human and half-elven families. The rare eladrin , [37] and even tieflings were common sights among the citizens. The many organizations that operated in Neverwinter took on a more prominent role in DR and the following years. Before their utter defeat in the late years of the 15th century, [25] a cell of Shadovar agents [47] and a tribe of orcs from Many-Arrows also operated in the city.

Brimstone Angels series. Neverwinter Saga :. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the city. For other uses, see Neverwinter disambiguation. Contents [ show ]. Main article: History of Neverwinter. Main article: New Neverwinter.

Reign of Shadows (Reign of Shadows, #1) by Sophie Jordan

The Weeping Eye, a badge of authority in Neverwinter. Polyhedron 74 TSR, Inc. Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition. Wizards of the Coast , p. Neverwinter Campaign Setting. Edited by Tanis O'Connor.


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TSR, Inc , pp. The Savage Frontier. Ed's Twitter. Retrieved on Designed by Ferret Baudoin , J. He hopes that he will find a place that can bring him peace. Overall, this novel is wonderful.

It is a quick read, given the pacing and the writing. It draws you in from the beginning and I liked that about this book. It is definitely a good read though. Love love loved Luna and Fowler. They're both strong and compliment each other so well. They both have secrets and it's interesting seeing the decisions because of them. Reading their relationship develop in the crazy world they're in was captivating.

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There are a lot of interesting components to the story. While it didn't feel like we got the full background to the world building or what was happening, it is definitely an excellent start for a series. And yes, the ending is wicked.


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I can't wait to get book 2 in my greedy hands. RayannD More than 1 year ago Original full review at rayanndunnell. The main female character, Luna. She is a strong and capable, taking things that would probably be seen as a handicap and using them to her advantage in this world. She wants to get out, wants to have something to show for the life that she's living, instead of hiding away, and she makes it happen. There are consequences and sacrifices that she has to make but she faces them bravely and with hope.

The world. I said that I loved the premise of the novel and that is absolutely true. The darkness and the dwellers, as well as the array of strange transformations that the world has undergone during the eclipse was so interesting and strange one of my favorite words to apply to a book - we like strange here. And Jordan did not skirt on the gore or dark parts of the story.


The likelihood of death is a strong part of this world's reality and there are some more gruesome scenes. On top of that, there's a city in the trees, a walled city, a lake with killer eels, and diseased people along with the dwellers which were terrible enough.

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My overall thought was that this world has a strong foundation and more potential for the sequel. There is so much more depth that we might see that would amp up the compelling and often frightening nature of the world here, as well as seeing how things continue to develop between the characters, especially in light of some of the twists that happened in the book which I will admit that I saw coming but didn't affect my enjoyment of the book at all.

I'm ready for book two now! Gabrielle90 More than 1 year ago Seventeen years into a dark eclipse lived a girl who was supposed to be dead. Dark dwellers swarmed the ground twenty three hours of the day. There was only one hour of "light". It was the only time you could safely go outside and not be torn to pieces. Luna, a lost girl trapped inside a tower, meets Fowler, someone who is just as lost but in a different way. Luna was raised by her mother's nurse and one of her father's guards in the cursed woods.

Fowler's past throughout most of the book was a mystery. A few hints were peppered into the story and when his past was revealed, it was an "AH HA! No one dared to enter the woods but Fowler and a couple companions. Fowler, after losing the love of his life, was on the run for at least a year before he bumped into Luna. One of them was hurt in a trap Luna's "parents" set and when he howled out in pain, the dark dwellers heard and set their sights on them. Luna saved them but that caused the girl of the group to still die.

Fowler and Luna make it to a city in trees but their safety there is limited. The king is paying people to kill girls around her age and when Luna finds out, she wants to go turn herself in. The light in Luna kept the dark times bright. As she spent more time with Fowler, she gave him more hope than he thought he could allow himself to have. Their romance was uniquely them. At first, he resented her, because he didn't allow himself to like anyone, but slowly, he began to fall for her.

He didn't give himself permission to but it was impossible to stop it. Their love burned bright enough to keep away the darkness in themselves. The best thing about their relationship?

Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1) Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1)
Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1) Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1)
Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1) Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1)
Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1) Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1)
Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1) Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1)
Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1) Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1)
Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1) Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1)
Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1) Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1)
Shadow of Neveren (Reign of Neveren Book 1)

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