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You can also do the more extensive hikes there.

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It is about 20 minutes from downtown Anchorage. We went to Denali and took the bus trip into the park. We saw wolves, grizzly, antelope, big horn sheep, mountain goats, caribou etc. It was amazing. Our favorite thing was we flew the top of Mt. It was truly a lifetime experience. We did not do the stop on the glacier good thing because they were all cancelled that day but the twin engine that flew around. It felt like we could reach out and touch it.

Truly Amazing! To help you in your decision whether to fly or drive to Prudhoe Bay you might want to check my post about our day tour to the Arctic Circle.

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I have a few pictures of Dalton Highway. Personally I would not take my RV in those kind of road, the scenery of course is worthwhile but it is a slow drive in the wilderness and no RV services. Again its gravel and very narrow road with steep climb and curves. Im sure you will have lots of stories of adventures to share and Im looking forward to see where your journey takes you. It would be my second trip to Alaska with you as our tour guide. We are so looking forward to the beauty and adventure! Your insight is just what I needed to dig further into what we can see and do.

Hope your trip is all you expect it to be! I was in Fox Lake campground for the past week enjoying the so-so weather sorry about that. Did you get up the Dempster at all? That is one beautiful drive and has been resurfaced in recent years. But the heaves can be a shock do be careful on your way through that section. Skagway is the more touristy town and the cruise ships stop there as opposed to Haines.

I go down every couple years in November to snap a few shots of those beautiful birds. At any rate — drive safe, and enjoy yourselves! Vehicles have been seriously damaged on the highway between Haines Junction and the Alaska border from the frost heaves and people trying to make good time. Take the time, drive slow, enjoy the views and you should be fine. They make award winning craft beers and you can take tours with tastings at the brewery in Whitehorse. Their website is Yukonbeer. Hi there! I live in Anchorage, and there is a lot to do just in the city.

I know you mentioned float planes in the article, so I must recommend Lake Hood in Anchorage. Also, if you brought your bicycles, the costal trail in Anchorage is a popular and scenic adventure. Honestly, I could go on for days about places to check out and things to do…but I will just say take your time and if you see a turnoff from the highway, take the time and explore it! The changes you made were awesome!

My friend who invented imovie uses this one below when he travels it is well worth it with back pack and extra batteries. I would suggest you get one as soon as possible it is a great tool for your needs. He worked for apple for 15 years. Thanks Mickey. We actually just got the DJI 3 before crossing over into Canada and are super excited! Hey — congratulations! Some tips for you… in the rare event you have not already checked these out… 1 Yukon Government provides many campgrounds throughout Yukon. Maps and other info can be found at env. Most of these are excellent and should have pull through spaces available for you.

There is even one Wolf Creek km near the southern limits of Whitehorse that should be able to accommodate you. Dawson City has a couple: one across from the airport ten miles out of town and one across the Yukon River from Dawson — however it necessitates a ferry ride free and is at the start of the Top of the World Highway 9 which takes you to Chicken, Alaska.

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If you stay here before going to the Dempster Inuvik , you will have to cross on the ferry at least 3 times. Walk-ons welcome. Road is gravel and, in some areas, narrow. If nothing else, travel the first kms or so to get to the tundra; Arctic Circle marker is at km There is a lodge at km — only spot for fuel on Yukon portion of Dempster. Walter, you have impeccable timing! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave all this helpful info. I take it you are from the area? If you would like to meet up, we would love to say thanks in person. Lots I am sure you will want to explore in the short time you are in the area yes, I live in Whitehorse.

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My schedule is wide open but if you have an opportunity you could call me and perhaps we could meet up somewhere. Drive safe! Oh — forgot to say Alaska Highway is pretty much re-built except for a couple hundred kilometres north of Ft Nelson Muncho Lake park area etc. Thanks again for all your tips I hope we get the opportunity to make it through again one day. I bet its truly jaw- dropping awe inspiring there. I love the Rockies!! Check out the attached website.

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It is the Visitors Guide for all regions of Alaska and has a lot of good info! I think you are going to love Alaska. I agree with most of what Mark Ridling said. The one thing he might not be aware of is that Verizon came to AK about a year ago. It is a fantastic resource for everything from tiny 1-hour guided hikes to 3-day 22 mile hikes. On your list of things to do, I saw you were planning on visiting Portage.

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If I can answer any questions for you, give you local resources, etc. Feel free to email me. Have a wonderful adventure!! As for your question of drive or ferry to Valdez, definitely drive. Save the money for other fun things to do. The drive to Valdez is one of the high points that my wife and I remember from a trip to Alaska many years ago. Your trip is getting us thinking of taking our new RV Excursion, thank you up there this summer. And if you want some interesting ideas for Washington State after your Alaska adventure, just let us know.

Would love to meet you if it would work. We left our home in Tyler, TX on Wednesday. We plan on crossing the Coutts border middle of next week and headed to some friends in Banff sometime before the 23rd. My husband said that if we meet along the road somewhere he will bring the halibut and venison and you bring the wine!! Would love to get together. Safe Travels!!! Sounds like we will cross paths! Do you have to make reservations at all your RV sites prior to a trip or can you just show up and hope you can get a site?

I have learned a lot from your site but I get overwhelmed at the thought of having to decide what Brand to go with. Hi Guys! First: Have a safe and wonderful trip!! Alaska here the Wynns go! Curious to know so we can compare later with what really happened. Jason and Nikki, didoes what Mark Ridling suggested. My wife and I spent 3 months May, June, July covering basically what your plans are in a 40 foot class A. I would strongly suggest that you pay heed as you drive along the Alaska an Yukon roadways to avoid ice heaving.

The highway department folks place flag warnings to mark where the danger is. Usually a flag on the left or right shoulder to mark the location of heaving. Sometimes there will be flags on both sides indicating the damage is in both lanes. Stay safe and enjoy some of the most beautiful country in North America. We will be moving to our new property in Princeton Bc soon.

Camping in our Airstream while we build. So if your ever our way your welcome to stay.

Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant
Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant
Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant
Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant
Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant
Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant
Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant Trailer Park AB: Part I Infant

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