Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists

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A male-only adventure playground. Wilson evokes it in telling detail This new novel by D. Wilson, the youngest ever winner of BBC National Short Story Award, tracks the journey of man into his past at the request of his dying grandfather. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy.

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. It looks like you are located in Australia or New Zealand Close. Weeks went by where the refusal to believe what he had become was as prominent inside his brain as his own name, yet Donghyuck stood by him as an armor, shielding him from his own self-loath until he could eventually accept what Donghyuck was seeing all along.

The same old Mark he had always been. Though, the plan had worked profoundly. The pair had memorized the drop-off hours at the closest blood bank and would shift between the weeks to gather a couple of blood filled bags that usually lasted Mark well over a week or two. They were all to some extent rough, but these ones, in particular, were borderline soul-crushing. The dream had started off unextraordinary.

It was back when they lived in their parents' house, houses aligned proudly next to each other in their suburban neighborhood.

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They were still young, perhaps in their late teens as they had sat down by the cold sidewalk, eyes stuck on the starlit sky above them. Donghyuck had said something in the lines of feeling cold.

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Mark had agreed with him, and the next second was the turning point of his dream. Mud was scattered all around them as Mark had chased Donghyuck through the woods before their houses.

Invade Heart :Invader Zim FanFic: (COMPLETE)

The next moments went by in a haze. Donghyuck cries were painful against his ears as he ripped through his skin cold-heartedly. He was chuckling as the blood streamed into his needing mouth. When Mark snaps his eyes open, he breaths out a shaky sigh of relief. He always was. He tries to shake off the tension that had settled inside his muscles with a couple inhales and long exhales. His fangs brush against the inside of his lips to the point where he can feel scarring that he knows will disappear the next time he runs through the area with his tongue.

The cheery voice of Ellen Degeneres echo in the background whilst Donghyuck was too busy in their small kitchen making himself a pot of Mac and Cheese.

Mark might have a clue of what Donghyuck was leaning towards, but he chooses to stay silent. One would think that after spending so many years together he would have learned the ability to lie to him, but it seemed like that was the only skill Mark will never learn how to do. Mark knows the question is harmful. His best friend has the right to wonder about his well being, yet somehow he still stands up abruptly, eyes furrowed in annoyance. He takes two strides forward before standing a hair strand away from Mark, eyes harsher than he had ever witnessed.

Mark watches as Donghyuck hesitantly reaches up to his cheek until eventually laying a cotton-like hand delicately on top of his cheek. He flutters his eyes close at the contact as a small sigh escaping through his lips. Flashbacks of the countless dreams of Mark ripping Donghyuck apart in every way possible flash behind his eyelids, making him stumble back into the couch.

The comforting hand on his cheek leaves due to his movements, lingering coldly in the air between them. All of a sudden, the protective wall he has managed to build around him shattered, making the overwhelming scent drown his senses. Donghyuck looks at him wide-eyed as Mark takes another step backward, stumbling towards the direction of their shared bedroom. He knocks into the bookcase placed at the corner of the room, making him wince in pain. Clammy hands make their way through his hair rather aggressively, pulling on the hair strands. He curses the way his breathing has turned rapid, burning against his lungs harshly.

That burn barely compares to the shots of pain that shot through his bottom lip where his fangs dug in way too hard. Mark tries and tries to pick up anything in an indication that Donghyuck was still there, but the attempt was nothing but useless. Even his scent is long gone, filling Mark with a sense of calmness lastly. He slumps down against the closed door, before gliding down against it, feeling the way the protective wall around him slowly build up again. Mark knows that Donghyuck is well aware of the fact that he is ignoring him. The usual banter and the air-like conversations about everything and nothing at the same time between them tone out drastically in the course of a couple days.

Mark knows that Donghyuck is well aware, which makes him all the more nervous because he also knows how confrontational Donghyuck really is. He never lets anything slide, especially between them, hence why they have worked out so well up until now despite their clashing personalities. Mark knows that it is all his doing. Ever since the dreams started to get so utterly vivid to the point where even being beside Donghyuck made him tense up, he had chosen to stay as far away from his best friend as possible.

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Maybe being exposed to the smell of his blood is further triggering his desires, he argues with himself. The only time they reside is during the night when the thick coat of darkness lies over their city. With their backs facing each other, the pair fall asleep with no words exchanged between them night in and night out. He memorizes the rhythm of his fluttering heart, the way it slows down and picks up unexpectedly before returning back to its original state.

He stays up, fighting the exhaustion with his last will before eventually collapsing as all his energy diminishes.

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Right as he enters the dream dimension, he knows that this dream will be unlike any other. Whilst the other ones feel bone-chilling, this one creates an illusion of dripping syrup and specks of sunlight.


He gives into it without any hesitation, allowing himself to drown in the sensation of the warmth that got ripped off of him two years ago when he turned. The roof of his room is the first clear picture he registers, and for a second he wonders if he was truly dreaming or this was his honest reality. His thoughts get erupted as the faintest touch trace his arms, making a shiver trickle down his spine. Tousled hair and peach dusted cheeks invade his sight of vision. Mark can barely register it before the boy above him tackle his chest with his face. A whiff of coconut shampoo clouds his senses for a heartbeat, before disappearing with the wind.

Eyelashes flicker against his jaw resembling a paintbrush against a canvas.

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  • The first press is so faint that Mark can barely note it, echoing the fingertips that had just been tracing his skin. The second press, however, is much firmer — as to make a statement. Lingering kisses travel against his surprisingly warm skin, coating it with shades of scarlet and lavender. He hears the way his lips spill out whimpers at the slightest touches, just like the desire filled pleads for something, anything. His eyes snap open at the sound of his own wrecked voice calling out for Donghyuck. Instantly, he is greeted by the same boring rooftop, without the bewitching edges to it.

    For the past countless months, he has been haunted by the fact that he was a monster unworthy of feeling yearning for human emotions. The fact is, he knows that this painful dilemma only exists for one sole reason — Donghyuck. Still, going from fully in love to percent over isn't an easy switch no matter the circumstances, harder still when the whole world is weighing in. Nobody's gonna say he needs help. Because despite his inexcusable actions, Brown was still her best friend, someone she cared deeply about and she knew that few people were in his corner. And I was more concerned about him," she told Winfrey.

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    Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists
    Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists
    Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists
    Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists
    Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists
    Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists
    Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists
    Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists
    Unraveled: Sealed Lips, Clenched Fists

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