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Because being mad is all the rage.

Album The Spectral Sorrows. Waiting to Die Lyrics Born into this world like any other child The years went by and you were young and wild But deep inside your body there was a secret That soon would be unveiled You don't know what's waiting for you It's something you won't believe is true A disease so hard to cure and you will suffer Like never before!

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More on Genius. Record Label Black Mark Production.

The Spectral Sorrows. Livin Hell. The Masque.

The truth is, everyone feels this way at some point of their lives.

Blood of My Enemies. Jesus Cries. Across The Fields Of Forever. I would text one of my real friends and try to set up a meeting, but occasionally they would talk of having to attend some big family function. You know, the kind that I can never have. Honestly, I am understanding, but I retreat that much further into my cave. This thread should not be seen as an outcry of "Oh, woe is me.

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I do okay financially, I have my health, and I'm not going to starve or go into debt. Also, I understand that I am not suffering like others have, so it's really not as bad as it could be. But I realize that life is passing me by and I seem to have little energy to grab it by the tail before it leaves me for good. I've tried dating sites to meet people, and it usually lasts for a short while before fizzling out. So, I've stopped thinking of that dating rubbish even though the idea of a close relationship is about as intoxicating to me as anything I can imagine.

I've looked at Meetup. I simply don't want to stay in this pattern. I want to be like the friends I had who seem so fulfilled, or at least, so busy. In contrast, I feel like someone hit the pause button on my life while the lives of others are moving past me at a rapid rate.

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Waiting to die...: I guess is what can... - Anxiety and Depre...

If you stuck through to the end of this thread's beginning, I thank you for reading this. I know longer messages are often ignored on forums, so I truly appreciate you getting to this point. If you wish to make a comment or offer a solution that you have tried, feel free to let me know. Thanks again!

"In pain waiting to die": everyday understandings of suffering. - PubMed - NCBI

EveWasFramed Fortes fortuna adiuvat. Posts: 11, Threads: Joined: Jun Reputation: I don't have a solution. I can only say that my life is pretty similar, except I have a child. If it wasn't for my daughter, our lives would be almost identical. I haven't done the dating site thing and just don't want to involve myself in that situation. So, I don't have a solution, but I can at least offer a bit of understanding if nothing else.

Posts: 2, Threads: 37 Joined: Feb Reputation: Since this sounds so much like my situation Netflix is on pause right now , I'll tell you some of the things I've been thinking of doing: On the suggestion of a fellow forum member, I started volunteering once a week. Its okay so far. I haven't made a friend or anything, but It does feel good to help. Makes me feel a little less worthless. I've been looking into community events that I might go to or get involved in.

Thinking of taking some adult education classes.

There has to be something worth living for…..

Never too late to learn something, and I might meet people with similar interests. I'm personally looking into acting, writing and painting classes. Maybe you'll think of something that interests you. Getting a part time job somewhere where I'll meet lots of people.

Writing some really dark, bad poetry and reading it aloud during open mike night at some pretentious coffee bar. Not a real suggestion, I just wanna see if my self-esteem can handle being booed off the stage someday Well, that's all I've got so far. I don't know about you, but my biggest obstacle is myself, because actually doing all of that stuff sounds terrifying to me, but waiting to die while watching Star Trek reruns is worse.

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And your post wasn't too long at all. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. MissGuided Unregistered. I can definitely identify.

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Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a movie theater waiting for the good parts of a really crappy film. Wish I had some magic words to help but like Eve said, all I can do is tell you that I understand. Posts: 5, Threads: 86 Joined: Feb Reputation: I feel like I hit the pause button as well. It seems like I lived a pretty normal life, up to the age of I didn't date, but socially I was on top of every single other developmental phase.

Then I had a complete mental breakdown, attempted suicide, and ended up in the mental hospital with depression and anxiety. My social anxiety developed out of that, from light shyness to severe panic disorder. I couldn't leave the house, and from the age of , I basically At the age of 26, I managed to move out of my Grandma's house, go back to college and kickstart that, and start building a social life again.

Very few of my friends know about the dark period of my life before. I almost got a girlfriend, too She was the only girl who, as an adult, I've ever let in that close. Then I moved back to my Grandma's house when she got severely ill and started declining from cancer. My social life started going downhill again. She passed away, and I grieved immensely. Then my sister and her kids moved in, I cut ties with a good portion of my family due to bitterness over my Grandma's will , and started what is now my current phase of my life.

I am stuck in a situation where I have a good relationship with my sister, but not a good relationship with her children anymore. I think it is damaged beyond repair, and probably wouldn't have been if they hadn't moved in here. My mom is stressed out and snapping at me, and I'm currently suffering from depression. And the kids are disobeying my authority and treating me like I'm a wad of gum stuck to their shoe. I have no car, so I can't even travel to get away from the drama at home; I took the metro all the time when I lived in the city, but there is nothing like that here.

I'm in a neighborhood full of families and not a lot of social interaction, if you're not a father yourself. I want to unpause my life by the age of 31 or I am set to inherit this house, but I don't even want it anymore; I want to graduate college, get a good job, get another apartment, and start putting aside money to buy my own house, preferably in a part of the city where singles live.

Maybe sign away the house to my mom permanently, and give her my portion of that part of the will.

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Waiting to Die Waiting to Die
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Waiting to Die Waiting to Die
Waiting to Die Waiting to Die
Waiting to Die Waiting to Die
Waiting to Die Waiting to Die

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