Wheels (Keep on Turning)

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Open skies above, Highway floating by below I'm running tracks of flames and smoking burnt rubber Can you feel the heat? The sound of the engine beat Got no destination, I measure my route in gasoline I gotta find myself some space This dirty old town that I call home You know I can't stand that place The wheels keep on turning Let the fuel keep on burning Got no time to waste, Got no plans to settle down I just want to run away from this godforsaken town Working 9 to 5, What a way to waste my mind Got no regression I'm just leave it all behind.

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The year-old engine roars to life within the first two cranks. The car looks, and certainly sounds, like it rolled off the production line last year.

Just ahead of the vintage Skyline lies a half-finished client project. The vast majority of local enthusiasts will never get to see a car like this in their lifetime. It is more likely that most will not even know what it is. The casual observer would, very reasonably, mistake it for the famous Grease Lightning — the car whose silver screen namesake shot John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to global superstardom. Avid lovers of vintage Americana would have a field day with this beast. The client had also purchased a brand-new engine to go into the car — a massive six-litre Chevrolet V8.

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This particular individual has a very specific taste and very exacting requirements. His list of active projects reads something like a car museum brochure. These are two distinct challenges, each with its own demands and professional requirements. It is a curious thing, the process of restoring a car from the ground up. These are projects that fathers undertake with their sons, sometimes over a period of years. Friends may pool a bit of money to buy an old beater, flush with the optimism of the uninitiated.

Sadly, more often than not, these projects are abandoned well before they ever truly begin. If you are really unlucky though, you and your friends may actually end up finishing the project. That is when the real problems begin. Mysterious breakdowns, suspicious noises, temperature spikes and untraceable fluid leaks will easily force enthusiasts into budget overruns.

A cheap, unoriginal component here, the odd catastrophic engine failure there, and just like that, friends become former friends and an old car that deserved better remains a distant pipe dream. Restoring or modifying a car is one of those things that is easy enough to learn, but exceptionally difficult to master. Almost anyone can get an engine to sputter to life with enough reading and brute force troubleshooting. But getting a more than year-old car to perform like new, well, that requires an artisan.

At its heart, R-Tune Garage specialises in both practices. It denotes the practice of restoring old cars using modern techniques, technologies and components. There are multiple complex layers of work that need to be done, one after the other, before a vintage sportscar feels and handles like a modern day grand tourer.

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For Ho, every project is equally important. There are no low-priority jobs at R-Tune Garage.

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The average customer may not notice a slight dent to the body underneath a bumper fitting. But he would, and that in itself would be bad enough for him. The only way to achieve this level of detail is for the customer to be actively involved in the process. He readily admits that his is an expensive endeavour. People do not send their cars to him for a simple oil change, obviously. Log in using your username and password For personal accounts OR managers of institutional accounts.

Desmond Foster – Wheels Keeps On Turning b/w Attitude – Soul Tune 7″

Forgot your log in details? Register a new account? Forgot your user name or password? Search for this keyword. Advanced search. Log in via Institution. Email alerts. Article Text. Article menu. View from primary care. The big wheel keeps on turning. Statistics from Altmetric. Footnotes Competing interests None.

Wheels (Keep on Turning) Wheels (Keep on Turning)
Wheels (Keep on Turning) Wheels (Keep on Turning)
Wheels (Keep on Turning) Wheels (Keep on Turning)
Wheels (Keep on Turning) Wheels (Keep on Turning)
Wheels (Keep on Turning) Wheels (Keep on Turning)

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