Wheres Blackie?

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You're not joking.

MARY: What? MARY: Well, you're certainly not going to find them in there. MARY: Oh, be careful, that has my cleaning stuff in it. Floor mop, vacuum cleaner, dust mop and broom. MARY: I'm a clean one huh? So why don't you come clean with me? MARY: Yes, yes, there's that one right over there. I suppose you're going to look in that one, too. Budget you know. Let's see what's in this closet. It looks like it's got nothing in it but dresses. Only what's this? Over on the side of the closet? MARY: It's just a box.

It looks as if it might have a coat in it; a fur coat. It's heavy.

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My warrant says I can search this apartment and everything in it. MARY: Yes, but don't open that box. Please Inspector, please. Blackie must have a good reason! MARY: Oh. Ah, that got it. Blackie will never believe that I didn't open it. I'll tell Blackie who opened it. MARY: Oh, golly. MARY: Yes?

Chapter 26: Rescue

MARY: Why, what's in the box? MARY: A fur coat. A mink! MARY: Oh no!

MARY: Well, I don't know why he sent me this coat or why he asked me not to open the box, but I'm going to find out why. Because at last I got proof that boyfriend of yours is crooked! How'd everything go at the store this afternoon? Look at the coat I got at Baxters. Like it? This one was the cheaper one. Tell me something Janet did you. We're not alone anymore. I didn't expect you. Mary this is. MARY: And the nerve of you hiding them in my apartment. MARY: Blackie, you'd better do something about this. Come on lady your going with him. You're not taking us anywhere.

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You deny you sent that coat to Miss Wesley's? And I admit I told her not to open the box too. Why did you do that? He admits everything. MARY: What are you doing? Get in this closet, Faraday. Don't let Faraday bother you. MARY: Blackie, what is this all about? I have Faraday locked in that closet. Now you get in to this one. Blackie what are you doing?

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Can't you tell? MARY: Blackie! MARY: Blackie please let me out!

Blackway & Black Caviar - "What's Up Danger" (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) [Official Audio]

We're getting out of here! Tell me what this is all about. On account of trying to help you I'm really messed up. But, but what about me? Now come on, tell me what kind of a jam are you in? Okay, can I get in touch with this fellow? Where's he live? I think I'll go up and have a little talk with that guy. And this is one of those times. You're taking an awful risk and you shouldn't do it. Not for me. Going somewhere? This Persian lamb coat here. Come here.

It's too bad you couldn't play anything straight. That's better. You know I just thought of something. HARRY: You used to say when we started out in this racket that you wanted all the good things that you could grab. You wanted to be loaded with diamonds and smothered in mink.

Harry put that coat down, put that, put that. You still in the closet? In Florida? Where've you been? Your address is going to be the city jail in a minute. I know when I've made a mistake. And I admit it too. Wait till I get Mary out of her closet.

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Mary you all right? MARY: muffled Oh, it's just fine. I love it in here. It's so airy and the view's divine. Forgive me will you? Didn't it occur to you to check? MARY: Fine time to find out. MARY: Well, that coat in my apartment certainly puts the heat on me. I'm sore about that, Blackie. MARY: Oh, fine, fine you keep a fur coat for another girl in my apartment.

Wheres Blackie? Wheres Blackie?
Wheres Blackie? Wheres Blackie?
Wheres Blackie? Wheres Blackie?
Wheres Blackie? Wheres Blackie?
Wheres Blackie? Wheres Blackie?
Wheres Blackie? Wheres Blackie?

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